Unlimited passwords in Oracle

Forget about renewing your passwords in Oracle. But use these hints with care. Why bother? Well, just assume you imported the sample data for your new project. And all the passwords should have been renewed. Or you have a continuous integration server that no one really wants to update every month for a new database password. If that’s the case read on.

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How is git different than svn?

Still using Subversion? Works for you? Why are all these guys fascinated by git? Well, just see how git is different than svn in a couple of ways.

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Abbreviate package names in Eclipse


I have rather long package names, and to see the class under construction I have to scroll a lot or waste a lot of screen space. I could abbreviate the package names with “Window | Preferences | Java | Appearance | Compress all package name segments, except the final segment”, but I’d rather prefer to see more than just the final segment.

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